The end of Tris and Four in Veronica Roth’s ‘Allegiant’ *spoilers*

allegiantSo this week the final book in the Divergent series came out. Veronica Roth’s ‘Allegiant’ has been highly awaited in the YA world, with the first two books being best sellers, spawning spin off books and fan fiction aplently. This kind of hype will always be difficult to live up to and the third book in a trilogy often falls prey to anticlimax, so did ‘Allegiant’ avoid these pitfalls?

Sadly, no. Now please don’t all shout at me at once, I did enjoy the book and felt it was a great ending to the series; however, it was an anticlimax and unfortunately with that much hype it would have to be a spectacular ending to live up to it.
‘Allegiant’ starts with the aftermath of Edith Prior’s video revelation that the Divergent of the city must leave its confines in order to help the world outside which has crumbled. Tris, of course, is keen to leave the city and embrace her destiny outside, whereas Four continues his role as the voice of moderation and is quite understandably afraid of the revelation that they are only a small part of a vast world and are charged with saving a population they knew nothing about.

The plot line is gripping until the delegation of the allegiant (those dedicated to the factions and the purpose of saving the outside world) leave the city to help; the escape itself is anticlimactic with the group leaving only to face a short battle near the end in which Tori, the leader of the allegiant, is apathetically killed off. Her death barely registers on the readers consciousness as it seems that her death is merely the token of a struggle, Roth has used human life so carelessly in the past books that one more death, even one of a character who has helped the divergent from the beginning and had so much potential for growth, fails to matter and I do think this is a great shame as the character and story of Tori did have the possibility to be developed more and provide a much needed break from the drama of Tris and Four.

After this point the story seems to just be waiting for the ending, one can’t help but feel that everything that happens in between just filler (much the same as ‘Mockingjay’, the finale of the Hunger Games series). Even the death of the lovable Uriah fails to hit a chord due to Roth’s perverse enjoyment of killing off characters for no good reason and the plot line of the genetically damaged seems like a weak excuse for the factions and also fails to have the gravitas that Roth perhaps intended it to have.

And so, we reach the end of the book and here Roth manages to redeem herself. As I have said I feel Roth’s use of killing off of characters superfluous; however Tris’ death is done with perfection, just the right amount of sentimentality and shock factor. Even though Roth enjoys killing off characters you still did not expect Tris die and Roth does her justice with a heroic death, one which allows Tris to be stripped back to the Abnegation girl of the beginning of the book, happy to selflessly give herself to the cause and be reunited with her family.

All in all I feel ‘Allegiant’ does well as finale of the ‘Divergent’ series. Although it does succumb to the pitfalls of a third book I would have been extremely surprised if it hadn’t and it is still and enjoyable storyline. It also does the most important thing an end of series should, it provides resolution. Although I am sad the series has ended, I feel all my questions have been answered and ultimately I am happy with its ending.

Well done Veronica Roth.


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